Review of account receivables and insurance aging
Review and resubmission of any unpaid insurance claims  
Set-up with insurance companies to receive EOB's and EFT's electronically
Submission of all primary and secondary claims
Creating and attaching all necessary narratives, X-rays, inter-oral pictures
and documentation for accurate processing
Posting of EOB's
Sending out weekly statements and follow up calls on unpaid balances 
Assistance with fee schedule set-ups and insurance contract renewals
Assistance in setting-up to receive insurance correspondence online- eob's, eft's, eligibility and patient history 

                         Consulting services in the following areas: 
How to take a new patient call
Insurance benefits retrieval and how to read breakdowns
How to have a effective morning huddle
Scheduling techniques to produce daily goal 
In house marketing ideas
How to present a treatment plan effectively
Virtual/ in office trainings in any other areas needed

Same Concepts-Reduced and Simplified



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